You may have heard of the SQL Slammer worm creating havoc worldwide around 2003 by exploiting software security vulnerabilities in SQL Servers. You may have heard of the Stuxnet worm infecting Siemens PLCs and ruining Iranian nuclear centrifuges around 2010. And in July 2015, as a demonstration, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek took control of a Jeep’s radio and climate control functions initially and moved on to deactivating the brakes – ditching the Jeep and driving home the importance of cybersecurity in functional safety. These are just a few examples from a myriad of cyber events with threats exploiting vulnerabilities potentially leading to dire consequences.




Information Technology ≠ Operational Technology



The most significant differences between the IT and OT domains are based on the reality that cybersecurity risks in the OT domain may have Health, Safety or Environment (HSE) implications. The 62443 standards – Security for Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS) have been jointly developed by ISA and IEC to address the need to design cybersecurity robustness and resilience into IACS. At Shakti Corp, we are gearing up to provide 62443 lifecycle services in Industrial Cybersecurity.

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