Hazard Analyses

Hazard Analysis being a very early phase in the safety lifecycle, it is paramount to get things right.  A comprehensive Hazard Analysis of a run-of-the-mill system is generally achievable with the appropriate people in the team.  Whereas Hazard Analyses of large, complex or socio-technical systems or a combination of such quite often become matters of conjecture.  A question you often hear is: Have you considered all possible hazards?  We use Systems Engineering methods to study complex systems leading to all-encompassing analyses providing exhaustive lists of hazards and hazardous scenarios to work from in the next phases of the safety lifecycle.

Risk Assessments

The world has moved on from using subjective terms such as slight, severe, rare, frequent in qualitative risk assessments to quantifying risk.  We are advocates of Quantitative Risk Assessments and start with the ALARP concept and Tolerable Risk. Having used these techniques since 2008, we have honed our skills and specialise in quantifying safety integrity requirements.  

Safety Integrity Verification

We conduct Safety Integrity Verifications of safety functions - both hardware and systematic, according to the requirements of AS 4024.1, IEC AS 61508 or ISO 13849 and arrive at their CAT, SIL or PL respectively employing appropriate tools such as Fault Tree Analysis FTA, Reliability Block Diagrams RBD and Failure Mode Effects and Diagnostics Analysis FMEDA.  Component failure data is obtained from end-user domains or appropriate databases as applicable. 

Functional Safety Management

Most accidents are not the result of unknown scientific principles but rather of a failure to apply well-known practices, systems and procedures. It is necessary to have in place and be able to demonstrate that the management activities, systems and procedures are appropriate and that there is adequate competence for carrying out each task.  We facilitate setting up of Functional Safety Management Systems according to IEC AS 61508 and undertake third party audits on existing procedures and techniques to determine their potential for compliance.  Training and Workshops are a regular part of our repertoire.