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Shakti Corp Pty Ltd

We are Engineering Consultants specialising in Functional Safety and Industrial Cybersecurity.

With our roots in Control and Automation in the process and machine sector, at the turn of the millennium, we saw the need to address the lack of expertise in Functional Safety in the industry. We delved deeper and positioned ourselves to deliver lifecycle services in Functional Safety.

Today, with our client base spanning from manufacturers to end-users through regulators, we use our eclectic mix of experiences and acquired skill sets to offer enhanced value to our customers. With the world becoming increasingly socio-technical offering ample scope for man and machine to hurt each other, we are poising ourselves to use systems engineering methods to address safety and security issues in your systems and processes.

We respect your time and so won’t go on about ourselves. If you are looking for solutions or services in Functional Safety or Industrial Cybersecurity, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s have a chat to see if we can cater to your needs and take it further.